CD Audio
CD Mastering: Turn any audio into a CD!
We can master your CD from cassettes, LPs, microcassettes, videotape, DVD, LP, 1/4" Reel to Reel, digital files (wav, mp3, etc.) and most other vintage audio sources.

Audio can be edited to remove silences and unwanted sections, improve sound quality and produce the cleanest sound possible.

CD mastering includes professional label design and printing. CD Duplication
Duplication is the process wherein the data is burned directly onto a blank CD from a master. Typically, this process is used for smaller quantities of copies: between 1 and 500.

CD Replication
CD Replication is a more involved process, using a Glass Master made from your master, which is then used to make copies that are stamped (manufactured) from scratch. This process is used for quantities of 500 or more.

CD Printing
Both duplication and replication are available with full color labeling, cases and packaging choices for a truly retail-ready, professional finish.

Our facility has state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to DVD, CD and BluRay printing, offering both screen and offset printing. We provide the professional look and feel your project deserves.

Old Audio:
Do you have some old faithful 1/4-inch audio reel, LP records or Vinyl? We can transfer it all to CD, MP3 and WAV files.

We can create CDs from any media format or file including audiocassette, videotape, DVD, LP, 1/4" Reel to Reel, microcassettes, digital files (wav, mp3, etc.) and most other vintage audio sources.

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