Film Transfer
We Transfer all Film Formats:
8mm, 8mm with sound, Super8mm, 16mm or 35mm film
to any video format, DVD or file (.mov. AVI, QuickTime, etc.).

Your film will be professionally cleaned, spliced and processed for the best image quality and then transferred to video, DVD, video file on a hard drive or to whatever media you require.

We do wet gate! one light transfer and color correction!

Want the bad parts edited out? Need to add titles, music or narration? Or, would you like to stream it for the web? Alta Video can fix and customize your project in editing to make it a truly special customized production.

Old Video and Audio Formats:
Do you have some old faithful 1/2-inch Helical or 3/4-inch video that you need to transfer?
We can work with it all and upgrade it to a current format. We even transfer 1/4-inch audio reel or LPs and Vinyl to CD, MP3 and WAV files!

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